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(12) See Koerner, supra note 2, at 47-49 (arguing that salvors are destroying history)
But the law doesn't address wrecks farther out to sea, and lawyers for commercial salvors have steadily whittled away at the legal definition of abandonment.
In 1987 salvors descended on the wreck and began to remove material from it.
(1.) [t]he labor expended by the salvors in rendering the salvage service; (2.) [t]he promptitude, skill, and energy displayed in rendering the service and saving the property; (3.) [t]he value of the property employed by the salvors in rendering the service, and the danger to which such property was exposed; (4.) [t]he risk incurred by the salvors in securing the property from the impending peril; (5.) [t]he value of the property saved; (6.) [t]he degree of danger from which the property was rescued.(6) LAW OF FINDS
is to encourage would-be salvors to voluntarily help their fellow
Though salvors might not prioritize recovering assets, the maritime community at large, and particularly vessel owners, operators, and their underwriters, recognize the value of highly-trained, versatile professionals who protect their interests.
A maritime and coastguard agency spokeswoman said: "During inspection, salvors discovered two of the fuel tanks appear to have been breached.
He rescued the men from their stricken vessel and salvors were yesterday desperately trying to attach flotation bags to the boat in order to tow it back to shore.
There are concerns commercial pressures in the salvage business have reduced easy access to the salvors required for recovery work on this scale.
WEATHER conditions were too unsafe yesterday for salvors to begin pumping 3,000 tonnes of water taken onboard by a car carrier which became stranded near to a busy shipping lane.
Those living in the barangays already make shanties (near the ship) and when they (salvors) work, they won't leave without compensation.
The SS Nippon's cargo became the subject of a civil case between the ship owners and salvors that went all the way up to the Supreme Court which discussed the details of the incident elicited from shipowners, cargo owners, salvors, and insurance companies.