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 (säl′vär′) also shal·war (shäl′-)
Loose pajamalike pants, typically having a drawstring waist and legs that narrow at the bottom, usually worn with a kameez.

[Punjabi salvār, Hindi śalvār, salvār, and Urdu šalvār, all from Persian šalvār, trousers, from Old Iranian *šaravāra- : *šara-, thigh + *vāra-, covering; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.salwar - a pair of light loose trousers with a tight fit around the ankles; worn by women from the Indian subcontinent (usually with a kameez)
trouser, pant - (usually in the plural) a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately; "he had a sharp crease in his trousers"
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07 (ANI): Two priests of a temple in Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district have been suspended for decorating the idol of the presiding deity in salwar kameez, a traditional outfit worn mostly in north India.
30),Polycot Casement,Powerloom Polycot Shirting,Powerloom Polycot Salwar Kameez Dupatta Cloth Document cost : INR 5600 EMD value : INR 1000000 Document Purchase Start date : 25 Jan 2018 Document Purchase End date : 26 Feb 2018 Pre-bid meeting date : 13 Jan 2018 Opening date : 26 Feb 2018 Period of contract : 150 days
The video shows Kavita Devi, clad in a saffron-coloured Salwar Kameez - a traditional north Indian attire for women - fighting New Zealand's Dakota Kai, at the Mae Young Classic tournament.
Makhija, who employs 530 tailors, said Dream Girl is catering to an average of 300 orders a day, with some customers giving up to 15 salwar kameez sets for stitching.
The full collection will be available in Oman during the showcase, including sarees, salwar kameez, and tunics with both formal and casual wear.
The edit showcases a wide range of salwar kameez ensembles, from elegant Anarkali suits, asymmetrical lengths, fit and flare kurtis to off-shoulder suit styles in multiple prints.
One of the most popular dresses that a woman is seen in during wedding day is the sari and salwar suit and man is seen in Suits and Sherwanis.
Jaya wore a dark blue kurta- salwar with dupatta, and her son donned an embroidered jacket with jodhpurs .
With a wide range of women designer party wear salwar kameez, they always strive to satisfy the customers' needs in an effective manner.
sushi bar, bistro, dashiki, salwar kameez, kimono, okra and cassava, dreamcatcher, mosque and temple.
Kept company by Khatak's daughter, Meena, Bhutto Zardari in green salwar kameez, head covered in green 'chunni', was not keen on being photographed or talking to the media.
As one lands, Bergdahl - wearing an Afghan salwar kameez and sandals - is led to his rescuers by two men, one waving a white flag on a stick.