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 (săm′bər, säm′-)
Any of various large deer of the genus Cervus, especially C. unicolor of southern Asia, having a dark brown coat and, in the male, large antlers usually with three points.

[Hindi sāmbar, from Sanskrit śambaraḥ.]


(ˈsæmbə) ,




n, pl -bars, -bar, -burs or -bur
(Animals) a S Asian deer, Cervus unicolor, with three-tined antlers
[C17: from Hindi, from Sanskrit śambarra, of obscure origin]


(ˈsæmbə) or


(Cookery) a southern Indian dish consisting of lentils and vegetables cooked with tamarind and other spices
[from Tamil]


or sam•bur

(ˈsæm bər, ˈsɑm-)

an Asian deer, Cervusunicolor, with three-pointed antlers.
[1690–1700; < Hindi < Skt śambara]
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Noun1.sambar - a deer of southern Asia with antlers that have three tinessambar - a deer of southern Asia with antlers that have three tines
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
Cervus, genus Cervus - the type genus of the Cervidae
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According to a report of the divisional forest department on Wednesday, an elephant, several wild boars, hog deer and sambars, besides the rhinos, were found dead in the park.
'Currently, experts are trying to transfer the remaining 11 sambars to our park for protection and breeding.
He said the birth of two new fawns was a good sign and the atmosphere of the park had become conducive for Sambars.
Tigers, panthers, bisons, blue bulls, chitals, sambars, peacocks, barking deers, chinkara, monkeys, wild boars, bears and wild dogs are the important inhabitants of the sanctuary.