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Noun1.Sambur - a deer of southern Asia with antlers that have three tinessambur - a deer of southern Asia with antlers that have three tines
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
Cervus, genus Cervus - the type genus of the Cervidae
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The successor company's key leadership will be comprised of, on the Titan side, Scott Kleinman, John Suydam, and David Sambur. All are U.S.
"I'm thrilled to welcome Kevin as the CEO of Rackspace," said David Sambur, senior partner at Apollo Global Management and chairman of the Rackspace board of directors.
Sambur, Are Consensual Relationship Agreements a Solution to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?, 17 Hofstra L.
businesses that would potentially be subject to FATCA's withholding tax and whether their subsidiaries qualify as foreign financial institutions," says Jonathan Sambur, a lawyer at Mayer Brown.
(Richard Whittle, "F-22 Bomber Studied," Dallas Morning News, July 30, 2002; Frank Wolfe, "Sambur: F-22 Must Prove Itself Before FB-22 Becomes Formal Program," Defense Daily, March 4, 2002.) These potential improvements in range and internal payload would likely result in reduced performance compared to the F-22 in other areas, such as acceleration and maneuverability.
The Air Force acquisition chief back then, Marvin Sambur, nominated JASSM for the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Awards for 2003.
Marvin Sambur, former assistant secretary of the Air Force for
Sambur, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition; Ms.
Sambur, Note, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act's Effects on Section 523 of the Bankruptcy Code: Are All Securities Laws Debts Really Nondischargeable?, 11 AM.
(8.) Amy Butler, "Sambur: 'Proven' Technology Needed for Interim Air Force Strike Capability," Defense Daily, 3 May 2004, 4.
Air Force Secretary James Roche and acquisitions chief Marvin Sambur resigned in January following criticism of their decision to lease tanker aircraft from Boeing.