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The sampler thus provides six outputs and takes a sample once every 200 ps for a 5 Gsps sampling rate. This 600 ps aperture translates to a bandwidth of 750 MHz.
The NI PXIe-4496 and PXIe-4498 modules offer 16 simultaneously acquired channels, each with 24-bit resolution, 204.8kS/s maximum sampling rates and a 113dB dynamic range.
The 12-bit PCIe-1744 Analog Data Acquisition Card features a 30-MHz sampling rate with independent A/D converters for each of the four analog input channels.
Connected to the user's PC and powered by its USB 2.0 port, the dual-channel PicoScope 2202 is a PC Oscilloscope with 8-bit resolution, 20 MS/s sampling rate and a 32 kB memory depth.
Sensors make sure the sampling rate doesn't get ahead of the test-instrument sequence.
It features Wavelink[TM] Software for remote control via a PC, a 125-kB record length for each channel, and a sampling rate up to 200-MS/s.
Yokogawa's DL9000 Series of 1 GHz and 1.5 GHz bandwidth scopes consists of the DL9140 and DL9140L with 1 GHz bandwidth and a maximum sampling rate of 2.5 GS/s on all four channels, with 2.5M and 6.25M of memory on each channel, respectively; and the DL9240 and DL9240L with 1.5 GHz bandwidth and a maximum sampling rate of 5 GS/s on all four channels.
Indeed, some data acquisition systems operate with a fixed high sampling rate well above the system bandwidth that allows a relatively low-cost, low-order analog anti-aliasing filter to be used.
The 3204 features include a 2.5GS/s sampling rate (repetitive signals), 50MS/s single shot sampling, 50MHz analog bandwidth, record length of 256K and spectrum range of 0 to 25MHz.
The DT9837B Module for portable noise and vibration measurement simultaneously samples up to four 24-bit integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensor inputs at a sampling rate of up to 105.4-kHz per channel.
HRes SR is a time base capability that expands the setting resolution allowing ultrafine sampling rate settings and adjustments.