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Noun1.sampling station - an observation station that is set up to make sample observations of something
observation station - a station set up for making observations of something
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The coliform count in a sampling station in Davao River amounted to 16-million MPN (most probable number) per 100 liters compared to the standard of standard of 200 MPN per 100 liters.
Another sampling station set up at the Padre Faura drainage outfall (Station 2) registered a fecal coliform count of 7.9 million mpn/100 mL.
The sampling station at Doljo 1 had 50 mpn/100 ml, while those at Danao 1, Tawala 2, Tawala 3, Bolod 1 and Bolod 2 recorded below 50 mpn/100 ml.
Global Positioning System (GPS) was used to record the location of each sampling station [1].
Impingers were positioned in a linear array with each sampling station separated by 2500 ft (762 m).
Black Powder Solutions has developed a pipeline sampling station capable of accurately detecting amounts of black powder built up within oil and gas lines, detecting problem areas in the pipeline and the composition of the contamination.
A Grow your Own sampling station provided by Kirklees Council was causing quite a stir with visitors.
At each sampling station, six benthic samples were taken near the margin (M) and in the center (C) of the lakes, including five for biological analysis and one for grain size analysis.
Calculate two parameters, the estimated 90th percentile and the upper limit of estimated 90th percentile, for each sampling station using the continuous sampling method.
The number of individuals was compared in each maturity stage through time and in each sampling station. The U de Mann Whitney test was carried out to know the significant differences among the stations and the Spearman and Pearson correlation to know the associations among them as well as the physicochemical variables.
The frequency of sampling for SMP, S[O.sub.2] and N[O.sub.x] is four times a month in each season for each sampling station and the sampling is carried for a period of 24 hours during each sampling.