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A plural of sanctum.
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"O sancta simplicitas!" said Stepan Arkadyevitch, and briefly and clearly he explained it to Levin.
``Speak, you are permitted,'' said the Grand Master ``speak, and say, knowest thou the capital of our holy rule, De commilitonibus Templi in sancta civitate, qui cun miserrimis mulieribus versantur, propter oblectationem carnis?''*
"I do not understand it," said Don Quixote; but one of the guards said to him, "Sir, to sing under suffering means with the non sancta fraternity to confess under torture; they put this sinner to the torture and he confessed his crime, which was being a cuatrero, that is a cattle-stealer, and on his confession they sentenced him to six years in the galleys, besides two bundred lashes that he has already had on the back; and he is always dejected and downcast because the other thieves that were left behind and that march here ill-treat, and snub, and jeer, and despise him for confessing and not having spirit enough to say nay; for, say they, 'nay' has no more letters in it than
"'Lumen caeli, sancta Rosa!' Shouting on the foe he fell, And like thunder rang his war-cry O'er the cowering infidel.
A turf cutting ceremony marking the beginning of construction took place in March, and the previous month HMT Sancta Maria Hospital, the city's only private one, appointed a new hospital director, Geoff Bailey, to oversee the move from its current Ffynone site.
The Scala Sancta or Holy Stairs in Rome was reopened after 300 years for only 60 days starting April 11, and it has become one of the most important stops for pilgrims this Holy Week.
Some Christians believe the Scala Sancta steps were climbed by Jesus before he was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem.
Geoff Bailey has been tasked with leading HMT Sancta Maria Hospital through its transition from its current Uplands site to its new purpose-built facility in SA1.
The event, sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in Cyprus, is part of the International Organ Festival programme, and is organised by the Custody of the Holy Land, that started on September 25, with a Prelude at the Terra Sancta Monastery of Emmaus El-Qubeibeh, near Jerusalem.
The Healthcare Management Trust, who own and operate HMT Sancta Maria, confirmed it has identified a preferred site close to Swansea for the purpose-built hospital, which will open its doors by 2017.
Responsoria pro hebdomada sancta / Lamentatio leremiae Prophetae