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tr.v. sanc·ti·fied, sanc·ti·fy·ing, sanc·ti·fies
1. To set apart for sacred use; consecrate: The preacher sanctified the ground as a cemetery.
2. To make holy; purify: They felt the spirit had descended and sanctified their hearts. They sanctified the body with holy oil.
3. To give religious sanction to, as with an oath or vow: The wedding ceremony sanctifies the marriage.
4. To give social or moral sanction to: "The only books I wanted to read as a teenager were those sanctified by my elders and betters" (David Eggers).

[Middle English seintefien, sanctifien, from Old French saintifier, from Late Latin sānctificāre : Latin sānctus, holy, from past participle of sancīre, to consecrate; see sak- in Indo-European roots + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]

sanc′ti·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
sanc′ti·fi′er n.
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Noun1.sanctification - a religious ceremony in which something is made holy
religious ceremony, religious ritual - a ceremony having religious meaning
beatification - (Roman Catholic Church) an act of the Pope who declares that a deceased person lived a holy life and is worthy of public veneration; a first step toward canonization
canonisation, canonization - (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church) the act of admitting a deceased person into the canon of saints
consecration - (religion) sanctification of something by setting it apart (usually with religious rites) as dedicated to God; "the Cardinal attended the consecration of the church"
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تَقْديس، تَطْهير
helgun, vígsla
takdis etme


[ˌsæŋktɪfɪˈkeɪʃən] Nsantificación f
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n (= making holy)Heiligung f; (= consecrating)Weihe f; (= making binding: of vows) → Annahme f
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(ˈsӕŋktifai) verb
to make sacred, holy or free from sin.
ˌsanctifiˈcation (-fi-) noun
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But I thought that our marriage might be a sanctification for us both.
Naval Chief expresses sanctification over performance of Bahria Foundation
While focusing on sanctification and its multiple conundrums, she also has in mind a retrieval and constructive account of it as a practical doctrine.
It's going to be an eventful day as the opening will be carried out by President Nicos Anastasiades, while the sanctification will be performed by Bishop Georgios of Paphos.
However, the Bhumi Pujan -- sanctification of the land -- were performed at the site in Abu Mureikhah area on February 11, 2018.
She explained that caring for the environment 'is also about our sanctification. It's also about our sacredness.
PNN correspondent in Jerusalem quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the Glick documented the "sanctification of his marriage according to the Talmudic rite" by filming a live broadcast on his cell phone.
His talent and versatility has left a mark in renowned movies, musical plays and documentaries, including a project on the sanctification of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, which are produced by Vatican TV and SKY.
Sanctification occurs when "'events are seen to hold some lasting, positive meaning.'" Obliteration usually "'results from particularly shameful events people would prefer to forget.'" Designation is "'the marking of a site,'" and reification involves '"removing the signs of violence and tragedy and returning a site to use.'" (180-181) Early signs of sanctification at Kent State include the annual walk and candle-lit vigil that have taken place every evening of 3-4 May since 1971.
He expressed sanctification over the police performance and hoped that police instead of making reckless arrests were busy in collecting the evidences in the better manner.
The ceremony for handover and sanctification of the boats, held in Varna, was attended by US ambassador Eric Rubin, who said that Bulgaria is the first country from the Black Sea region that obtains such vessels.