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tr.v. sanc·ti·fied, sanc·ti·fy·ing, sanc·ti·fies
1. To set apart for sacred use; consecrate: The preacher sanctified the ground as a cemetery.
2. To make holy; purify: They felt the spirit had descended and sanctified their hearts. They sanctified the body with holy oil.
3. To give religious sanction to, as with an oath or vow: The wedding ceremony sanctifies the marriage.
4. To give social or moral sanction to: "The only books I wanted to read as a teenager were those sanctified by my elders and betters" (David Eggers).

[Middle English seintefien, sanctifien, from Old French saintifier, from Late Latin sānctificāre : Latin sānctus, holy, from past participle of sancīre, to consecrate; see sak- in Indo-European roots + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]

sanc′ti·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
sanc′ti·fi′er n.
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I assert most unhesi- tatingly, that the religion of the south is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes,--a justifier of the most appalling barbarity,--a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds,--and a dark shelter under, which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infer- nal deeds of slaveholders find the strongest protec- tion.
Theology as rethought by Cano, at least in theory and for the time being, was subordinated to the living Church's experience as guide and sanctifier. And not merely the Church's contemporary experience.
The Holy Spirit, known to be the Sanctifier, is thus the fulfillment of Jesus' promise.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Mother, Child, and Breath of God; Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier; no matter the particular names you choose, the core message of the Trinity remains unchanging.
Indeed, at the heart of Pentecostal spirituality lies the idea of the "Full Gospel," the template of Jesus Christ in his five-fold role as Saviour, Sanctifier, Baptizer with the Spirit, Healer, and soon-coming King.
The Holy Spirit, the sanctifier of life has endowed man with graces of enlightenment to resist sinfulness.
Gain a better understanding of Jesus, as our righteousness, our sanctifier, our redeemer, and our healer
is a very wicked thing; a sanctifier, if one would give way to its partialities, of actions, which, in others, we should have no doubt to condemn" (2:1); self is a term more often bound up with an ethical evaluation of an independent being than with that independent being's designation.
draws from historical analysis and some contemporary theologians to describe three forms of righteousness (governing, justifying, and conforming) that align with God's action as creator, redeemer, and sanctifier. B.'s framework helps explain the importance and legitimacy of cultivating virtue, but it leaves many questions unanswered, especially regarding the precise relationship among the three forms of righteousness.
Cette famille tient aussi a sanctifier leurs actions heroiques et a exprimer toute sa reconnaissance a toutes les couches sociales qui ont participe, sous la conduite du glorieux trone Alaouite, a la preservation des valeurs sacrees du Maroc et de son identite nationale.
For him, "she is the sanctifier of the apostles and she leads both the apostles and the faithful to heaven." In her honour he built the magnificent Minor Basilica of Mary Queen of Apostles in Rome, in fulfillment of a special vow he had made to her.