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He was donned in his Sunday garments, with his most sanctimonious and sourest face, and, holding his hat in one hand, and his stick in the other, he proceeded to clean his shoes on the mat.
Who is that spider-legged gorilla yonder with the sanctimonious countenance?
The black, glassy eyes glittered with a kind of wicked drollery, and the thing struck up, in a clear shrill voice, an odd negro melody, to which she kept time with her hands and feet, spinning round, clapping her hands, knocking her knees together, in a wild, fantastic sort of time, and producing in her throat all those odd guttural sounds which distinguish the native music of her race; and finally, turning a summerset or two, and giving a prolonged closing note, as odd and unearthly as that of a steam-whistle, she came suddenly down on the carpet, and stood with her hands folded, and a most sanctimonious expression of meekness and solemnity over her face, only broken by the cunning glances which she shot askance from the corners of her eyes.
Yes, Mas'r," said Topsy, with sanctimonious gravity, her wicked eyes twinkling as she spoke.
In most cases, however, the spirit of medieval allegory proved fatal, the genuinely abstract characters are mostly shadowy and unreal, and the speeches of the Virtues are extreme examples of intolerable sanctimonious declamation.
She had gazed at the addressed envelope, smiled (I was looking up at her from my desk), and at last took it up with an effort of sanctimonious repugnance.
He seemed to take a great satisfaction in Valentin's interview with the cure, and yet his conversation did not at all indicate a sanctimonious habit of mind.
WASN'T it interesting to see everyone wring their hands and come over all sanctimonious about Delia Smith's call to arms at Norwich City - in the same week that Birmingham City winger Jermaine Pennant was sent down for three months for drink driving while banned.
On the other side of that argument, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar's amiably ambling but fully packed script saves room for some pointed yet anything but sanctimonious, satirical jabs at the genre's inherent racism, which is an always welcome development and especially apt here.
The rest of Scotland knows he's streets ahead of those sanctimonious duffers.
Sanctimonious season: Human hypocrisy never goes out of style.
Of course, only sanctimonious dieters, eating and exercising wisely at all times, are allowed to pass judgement.