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Noun1.sand cat - a desert wildcatsand cat - a desert wildcat      
wildcat - any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild
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At the Sand Cat exhibit, visitors will be able to see a large group of endangered species which will be expanded to include Sand Cats, Fennec Foxes and other nocturnal animals.
Predominantly found in the western part of Saudi Arabia, sand cats are the only species of the cat family to live exclusively in the desert.
The Prosopis woodlands, the dominant vegetation feature of the Sands and their margins, provide shelter and food for the Bedu and their livestock and a habitat for wildlife such as Sand Cats and Ruppell's fox.
In a vast expanse of untouched Abu Dhabi desert, scientists from the Environment Agency (EAD) are busy protecting a clowder of sand cats from extinction.
95 child) on Saturday, and the kids were enthralled by the lions, sand cats and all the other exotic animals on display.
With 32 animals, Al Ain Zoo has the largest known captive population of Arabian sand cats in the world.
And his zookeeping includes looking after a huge variety of carnivores - 34 sand cats, 15 lions, 10 meerkats, six pumas, four serval cats, three tigers, a number of hyenas, leopard cats and a duo of African cheetahs at Al Ain Zoo.
Ramat Gan Safari Park is taking part in a European breeding programme for sand cats and once the kittens are old enough to leave their family, they will be transferred to other zoos to start their own families.
Even those well versed in small cats will find plenty of new names here to wonder at: Pallas' cat, fishing cats, sand cats, and more.
AWPR's desert carnivore conservation programme also includes sand cats, Arabian leopards, cheetahs and African lions.
According to the BBC, cat species that live in more open types of habitat, such as lions and sand cats, have deeper calls, they found.