sand down

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w>sand down

vt sep(ab)schmirgeln
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They just put sand down and smoothed it out with their feet.
Hours long frequent traffic jams occur, creating long queues of vehicles stuck in the sand down the damaged bridge at the middle of link road.
Tenders are invited for To place sand down entire gym flooring to raw wood to take out all digs and scratches then apply 2 coats of finish then repaint game lines back to original then apply 2 more coats of finish 9,040 sf while being properly ventilated during this process and upon completing of gym floor restoration clean up mess and leave a dust free gym.
The large-scale tumbling of sand down a dune creates primary waves, or P waves, the pulses that travel fastest during an earthquake.
A city plow contractor was brought in to lay sand down as police investigated the accident.
Back in the lab, Favors milled the sand down to the nanometer scale and followed with a series of purification steps changing its color from brown to bright white, similar in color and texture to powdered sugar.
Ahn was playing her third shot from a greenside bunker when television crews reported that she had used her feet to move sand down the side of the bunker, eectively 'building a stance' in violation of rule 13-3.
They put a lot of sand down, so it's going to take some time," said Niel Laudati, a spokesman for the city of Springfield.
Very few minutes of above-freezing ground surface temperatures are needed to locally melt frozen water and mobilize sand down steep slopes.
But rather than lap up the sun, sea and sand Down Under, the teenager decided a move to the Arabs was better.