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A vacant lot used especially by children for unorganized sports and games.
Of, relating to, or played in a sandlot: sandlot baseball.

sand′lot′ter n.


1. (Team Sports, other than specified) someone who plays sports on a sandlot
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a follower of Dennis Kearney (1847–1907), who campaigned against the use of Chinese immigrant labour in California
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Before spring training began, the situation was so bleak for the Phillies that they held an open tryout on March 1 and the only three players to show up were "a minor leaguer, a local sandlotter who lacked the qualifications and a one-eyed youngster from Hartford, Conn.
Budd declared that if "healthy public sentiment" prevailed, every Democrat, Republican, Workingman, Socialist and Sandlotter "would put his shoulder to the wheel, and help to throw the Chinese to the other side of the Mormon slough.
When Mitchell was awarded a statuette proclaiming him Oklahoma City's most popular sandlotter, the Daily Oklahoman proclaimed him as a "husky, snaggle-toothed slugger from Cloud Chief.