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Any of various marine burrowing annelid worms, such as a lugworm or clamworm, inhabiting coastal sand or mud and often used as fishing bait.


(Animals) any of various polychaete worms that live in burrows on sandy shores, esp the lugworm



1. any of various marine worms that live in sand.


[ˈsændwɜːm] Ngusano m de arena
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For example, he proposes using Dune in a unit on ecology, comparing sandworm biology with that of Earth creatures, or using Star Trek to illustrate concepts like black holes.
Prominent adversary profiles exposed -- Three threat actors: Carbanak (Russia/Ukraine), Sandworm (Russia), and Shell Crew (China) have been identified as groups that are engaged in cyberespionage and cybercriminal activity targeting government and business organizations throughout Europe and North America.
Every day, new vulnerabilities pose serious data breach risks, some having the ability to affect millions of users, such as what was seen with HeartBleed or Sandworm.
advertises several delicious (to fish, at least) flavors, including crab, squid, sandworm, shad, shrimp, mullet, grub, and leech.
Extraterrestrial flora and fauna are sometimes called aliens--Dune's sandworms, for example--but this is loose usage.
Migratory shorebirds must refuel by feeding on the small fish, sandworms, crustaceans, snails, and other marine life that abounds within and upon the soil of these far-from-barren wetlands.
Tremors (1990): Entertaining sci-fi spoof starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as two handymen stranded in the desert who become targets for a family of giant sandworms.
The survey will also examine types and amounts of organisms living in sand and mud such as sandworms and bivalves, which decompose organic matter and support diversified ecosystems, in order to indicate their ability to make water purer.