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Any of various marine burrowing annelid worms, such as a lugworm or clamworm, inhabiting coastal sand or mud and often used as fishing bait.


(Animals) any of various polychaete worms that live in burrows on sandy shores, esp the lugworm



1. any of various marine worms that live in sand.


[ˈsændwɜːm] Ngusano m de arena
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Cyber security firm FireEye has said it found links between a Russian-based hacking group, Sandworm Team, and the Petya ransomware attack that crippled IT systems globally last year.
Such attacks already occur: in December 2015, for example, the Russian hacker group Sandworm successfully attacked the Ukrainian power grid, disrupting power to more than 225,000 customers.
BlackEnergy and another APT campaign, Sandworm, were the likely perpetrators behind outages at two power generation facilities in Ukraine in December 2015.
Every day, new vulnerabilities pose serious data breach risks, some having the ability to affect millions of users, such as what was seen with HeartBleed or Sandworm.
With his bamboo pole and cork float, David "let a sandworm float gently along at a depth where he thought fish might be feeding" (7); when the fish, hooked, begins to struggle, "he came up thrashing at the surface and then was down again" (8); then "he was swimming just under the surface" (9), until finally "the fish was on the surface.
advertises several delicious (to fish, at least) flavors, including crab, squid, sandworm, shad, shrimp, mullet, grub, and leech.
For example, he proposes using Dune in a unit on ecology, comparing sandworm biology with that of Earth creatures, or using Star Trek to illustrate concepts like black holes.
My favorite is a jig, generally a 3/8 to 1/2 ounce bucktail dressed with porkrind or natural baits such as a squid strip or sandworm.
impacting thousands of organizations: the Dragonfly campaign, Sandworm
The outage on December 23 was caused or enabled by a piece of malware known as BlackEnergy, known to be used by a Russian cybercrime group called Sandworm that has links to the Kremlin.
The attack has been blamed on Sandworm, a group (http://www.