sanitary engineering

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sanitary engineer

An engineer specializing in the maintenance of urban environmental conditions conducive to the preservation of public health.

sanitary engineering n.

sanitary engineering

(Civil Engineering) the branch of civil engineering associated with the supply of water, disposal of sewage, and other public health services
sanitary engineer n
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7 (BNA): Sanitary Engineering Planning and Projects Director at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning Eng.
2 ventilation engineering services at 100% partial services pursuant to sia 108bkp 295 sanitary engineering services at 100% partial services according to sia 108bkp 298 msrl engineer at 100% partial services in accordance with sia 108
According to sanitary engineering planning and projects director Nazha Abu Hindi, the project aims to connect 231 houses and real estates to the sewerage network.
Quoting Nazha Abu Hindi, sanitary engineering planning and projects director at the ministry, Bahrain News Agency ( BNA ) reported that progress on the project includes the extension of main and sub-connections by a combined 1,100m; the construction of 57 inspection chambers; and the connection of 31 houses to the sewerage network.
Ali Al-Omair inaugurates the sanitary engineering exhibition and a press conference for sanitary engineering department's Assistant Undersecretary.
The memo came after the Ministry's sanitary engineering team in the Bekaa found out that the hygiene and health conditions at said Plant are not available, whereby a verbal warning was addressed to its administration which on its part failed to fix exiting situation.
More than BD460 million has already been spent on projects from the early 1980s up to the end of last year, revealed Works Ministry sanitary engineering assistant under-secretary Khalifa Al Mansoor.
Details : The operations of Muharraq Governorate's Strategic Sanitary Engineering Project in Bahrain were on display recently at a specially commissioned public exhibition.
Two sewage treatment plant (STP) projects being implemented by Bahrain's Ministry of Works will have private sector involvement for the first time in the sanitary engineering field.
They are designed for sheet metal working in electrical, sanitary engineering, heating technologies, automotive, mechanical engineering, switching systems, and aviation applications.
A decade ago, the city's sanitary engineering division began seeing increasing evidence that this neglect wasn't so benign after all.
For at least the first half of the twentieth century, techno-scientific discourses emerging from the fields of urban planning, sanitary engineering, and resource management dominated discussions of environmental quality and pollution control in the Fraser River and ocean waters surrounding the city.