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 (sŭn-yä′sē) or sann·ya·sin (-sĭn)
n. pl. sann·ya·sis or sann·ya·sins Hinduism
A wandering mendicant and ascetic.

[Hindi sannyāsī, from Sanskrit saṃnyāsī, from saṃnyasyati, he renounces : sam, together; see Sanskrit + ni, down + asyati, he throws.]


(sʌnˈjɑːsɪ) or




(Hinduism) a Brahman who having attained the fourth and last stage of life as a beggar will not be reborn, but will instead be absorbed into the Universal Soul. Also called: renunciate
[from Hindi: abandoning, from Sanskrit samnyāsin]
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Noun1.sannyasi - a Hindu religious mendicant
Hindoo, Hindu - a person who adheres to Hinduism
beggar, mendicant - a pauper who lives by begging
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After the Ninth Parliamentary Elections in December 2008, the monks, sadhus, and sannyasis of different temple based religious institutions in the country urged to revive the Bangladesh Sant Mahamandal at a grand rally of Dharmagurus, Sadhus, Sannyasins, Priests,Savaites and organizers of Temples and Human Rights activists at Bogra Ma-Bhabani Temple ( a sacred shrine of sati pitha of Devi Cult) was endorsed on 9 February 2009.
Indeed, after a visit to Pune in April of 1980, Bernard Levin, one of the most respected journalists in the UK at the time, wrote in The London Times about how impressed he was with the liveliness and happiness of the sannyasins.
Frances Fitzgerald in Cities on a Hill (Simon & Schuster, 1986) says that at the end, when Rajneeshpuram was collapsing, a number of sannyasins described themselves as innocent.
In 2003, the study included any visitors (V), students (ST), sannyasins, (SN, those who have taken some degree of yogic initiation: jigyasu and karma sannyasins), and swamis (SW, also known as poorna sannyasins, as they have taken full yogic initiation) who wanted to participate, with a range of 4 months to 33 years experience of yoga.
In 2004, six students, six sannyasins and six swamis did six sessions each, making a total of 108 sessions (see Table 2).
Modern Sannyasins, Parallel Society, and Hindu Replications: A Study of the Protestant Contribution to Tamil Culture in Nineteenth-Century Sri Lanka Againsta Historical Background
The next morning at the auspicious brahma--muhurta--two hours before sunrise -- all sannyasins in the monastic community gather to chant the sacred sannyas mantras, as the "ghost-candidate," seated before the blazing vira]a homa fire, offers oblations into the fire of Brahman, symbolizing the burning up of all past karmas.
Hoole, Modern Sannyasins, Protestant Missionary Contribution to Ceylon Tamil Culture (Berne: Peter Lang, 1995), 124-29.
He is author of Modern Sannyasins, Protestant Missionary Contribution to Ceylon Tamil Culture.
Upadhyay was convinced that Christianity had no chance of reaching mainstream India unless it appeared in Hindu garb, so he urged Christian missionaries to adopt the dress and lifestyle of Hindu sannyasins.
Upadhyay's emphasis on sannyasa (adaptation) and Christian Vedanta had a profound influence on the next generation of Catholic sannyasins, especially on the three "maverick" monks of Shantivanam: Jules Monchanin, Henri Le Saux/Abhishiktananda, and Bede Griffiths.