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another word for sapience


(ˈseɪ pi ənz)

of, pertaining to, or resembling modern humans (Homo sapiens).
[1935–40; < New Latin]
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Adj.1.sapiens - of or relating to or characteristic of Homo sapiens
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Sapiens said the addition of KnowledgePrice's experts will enable the company to better help customers fully embrace digital transformation.
Sapiens offers a complete Digital Suite that includes an advanced analytics solution, a portal for consumers and agents, personalized video capabilities, a customer engagement platform, and cloud offerings and services.
Sapiens ALIS core policy administration solution, which supports individual and group business, including employee benefits in a single system
Sapiens said that StoneRiver's set of solutions complements its existing offerings, and will allow Sapiens to accelerate its growth in the US market and globally.
The Sapiens PORTAL offering is pre-integrated with the Sapiens ALIS (life, pension and annuity) and Sapiens IDIT (property and casualty) software suites.
Integrated with both Sapiens IDIT (P&C) and Sapiens ALIS (L&A), Sapiens INTELLIGENCE is based on the advanced technology of SAP's analytics platform.
Sapiens said the project is part of an overall trend of increased interest in legacy portfolio management.
Y asi, evolucionando, evolucionando, los Sapiens sapiens aprendimos a leer la forma de las nubes; escalamos las cumbres mas altas; empezamos a prohibir ciertos alimentos; nos tomamos una siesta--con y sin reloj cucu--; poblamos Laponia e inventamos castas como las de los hijras y los guptas alla por la India; participamos en revoluciones como la rusa y tomamos la Bastilla; y, sobre todo, aprendimos que, ademas de alimentar el cuerpo, teniamos que alimentar nuestra mente.
sapiens or simply as illustrations of the anatomical variation that existed within ancient H.
The partnership with Flexi makes sense for our customers," said Roni Al-Dor, Sapiens President and CEO.
JA Ishikawa is the fourth JA to introduce Sapiens, after JA Kumamoto, JA Chiba and JA Nagano.
Sapiens Policy INSIGHT, its policy administration solution for the property/ casualty insurance sector, will be the first in the product suite to include WebSphere Portal.