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 (săp′ə-nĭn, sə-pō′-)
Any of various plant glycosides that form soapy lathers when mixed and agitated with water, used in detergents, foaming agents, and emulsifiers.

[From Latin sāpō, sāpōn-, hair dye, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈsæpənɪn) or


(Botany) any of a group of plant glycosides with a steroid structure that foam when shaken and are used in detergents
[C19: from French saponine, from Latin sāpō soap]


(ˈsæp ə nɪn)

any of various glucosides, obtained from soapwort and other plants, that form a stable foam in water: used commercially in beverages, fire extinguishers, and detergents.
[1825–35; < French saponine < Latin sāpōn-, s. of sāpō soap + French -ine -in1]
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Noun1.saponin - any of various plant glucosides that form soapy lathers when mixed and agitated with water; used in detergents and foaming agents and emulsifiers
glucoside - a glycoside derived from glucose
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TI-complexes are a novel effective nanoparticulate adjuvant and antigen delivery system, which principally differ from their prototype, ISCOMATRIX, by their polar lipid and saponin constituents as well as their morphology.
Bui-Nguyen et al., "Paris saponin II of Rhizoma Paridis--a novel inducer of apoptosis in human ovarian cancer cells," BioScience Trends, vol.
Soap nuts contain a substance called saponin, which is a natural soap.
The present study was designed to investigate the anticancer potential of saponin extracted from sea cucumber Holothuria teucospiiata alone and in combination with dacarbazine on B16F10 melanoma cell line.
For methanol, only three bioactive compounds (saponin, tannin and glycosides) tested positive in the 1st method.
The chemical constituents and medicinal uses of this species had not been previously described until we recently investigated the anti-glioma constituents of this sea cucumber and discovered a novel saponin moebioside A (Sap.
Keywords: 20(R)-protopanaxatriol; Ocotillol-type saponin; Epimer; Synthesis; Crystal structure.
In addition to medical herbs, Chang said the company has farmers grow soapwort, from which natural saponin is extracted to replace surfactants made of chemical compounds.
The formulation contains a layer comprising a hydrogen peroxide addition compound powder for producing hydrogen peroxide; a surfactant layer formed by coating an outer surface of the hydrogen peroxide addition compound layer with a liquid surfactant; a saponin layer formed by coating an outer surface of the surfactant layer with a saponin powder; and a sodium bicarbonate layer formed by coating an outer surface of the saponin layer with a sodium bicarbonate powder.
Supplementation of saponin results in an increased seminiferous tubule diameter and testis size in male broiler birds [10].
The determination of saponins was performed qualitatively from the aqueous extracts and using pure saponin as standard (Makkar et al., 2007).
It contains alkaloids, carbohydrates, steroids, protein, fixed oils, glycosides, saponin, tannins, flavonoids, thymene, cumene, iron, lysine, starch, calcium and, essential oils like thymol, pcymene, c-terpinene.