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 (săf′ə-rīn′, -rēn′, sə-fīr′ĭn)
Of or resembling sapphire.
A rare light blue or green aluminum-magnesium silicate mineral.


(ˈsæfəˌriːn; -rɪn)
1. (Minerals) a rare blue or bluish-green mineral that consists of magnesium aluminium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form and occurs as small grains in some metamorphic rocks
2. (Minerals) a blue variety of spinel
(Minerals) relating to or resembling sapphire


(ˈsæf ər ɪn, -əˌrin, -əˌraɪn)

1. consisting of sapphire.
2. deep blue.
[1375–1425; late Middle English saphyryn (< Old French) « Greek sappheírinos like lapis lazuli (see sapphire, -ine1)]
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Noun1.sapphirine - a rare light blue or green mineral; consists of aluminum and magnesium silicate and occurs as small grains in some metamorphic rocks
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
Adj.1.sapphirine - made of or resembling sapphire
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The gangue minerals identified comprised of mainly calcite, quartz, epidote, magnetite, muscovite, hydrobiotite, sapphirine and graphite.
Sapphirine, finalist in this year's Betfair Prestige (Hall Green) and in the John Smiths Kent St Leger last year (Crayford), has been mated to Central City (track-bred), the 2011 Boylesports Derby winner (Clonmel).
Excellent crystals of xenotime, sapphirine, enstatite and white apatite likewise occur in these parts.
Kyanite is a typical minor constituent and subsidiary amounts of further high-alumina minerals such as sillimanite, spinel, corundum and sapphirine, sometimes cordierite, have been reported (Slaby 1992a).
27 (695m) 16 Mariahs Magic, 7 Superstar Lily, 4 Sapphirine, 7-4 Bush Paddy, 3 Droopys Start, 7-2 Seize The Moment 12.
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