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n. pl. sar·co·mas also sar·co·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A malignant tumor arising from bone or from soft tissues such as muscle, cartilage, fat, or blood or lymph vessels.

[New Latin, from Greek sarkōma, sarkōmat-, fleshy excrescence, from sarkoun, to produce flesh, from sarx, sark-, flesh.]

sar·co′ma·toid′ (-mə-toid′), sar·co′ma·tous (-təs) adj.
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Histologically, sarcomatous areas are mixed with areas of benign glomus tumor.
SaC has a biphasic nature comprising of the sarcomatous spindle cells which are arranged in various patterns such as fascicles as seen in our case and also storiform pattern[2],[5] and epithelial component.[1],[2],[5] Tumor cells show prominent eosinophillic nucleus with high mitotic counts of 3-8/hpf with bizarre atypical mitosis.[5] The epithelial component may be in the form dysplasia or carcinoma-in-situ or component of the infiltrating tumor.
Microscopically, five tumors exhibited diffuse growth pattern, four showed prominent mitotic activity (6-40/10 high-power fields [HPFs]), one had sarcomatous components, and one was mixed with mucinous cystadenoma components [Figure 1]b.
However, spermatocytic seminoma (SS) with sarcomatous transformation, a rare testicular tumor, has a poor prognosis (1,3).
Mullerian adenosarcoma (MA) of ovary with sarcomatous (rhabdomyoblastic) overgrowth is an extremely rare malignant type of female genital tract neoplasm.
In this entity, there is a combination of a carcinoma and heterologous sarcomatous element, such as cartilage, bone, or skeletal muscle.
The sarcomatous lesions should be considered in differential diagnosis.
Final pathology was reported as an IMT with sarcomatous transformation.
Stromal malignant sarcomatous component may be either homologous (composed of tissues normally found in the uterus) or heterologous (containing tissues not normally found in the uterus, most commonly malignant cartilage or skeletal muscle).9 The poor prognostic sign is marked pleomorphism and atypia in sarcomatous element with deep myometrial invasion.3 We excluded the possibility of adenosarcoma by performing extensive sampling of the uterus and submitting the chondroid areas completely for microscopic examination.
No sarcomatous tumor was found among all the metastatic lymph nodes.
It was done to rule out the strong clinical suspicion of sarcomatous degeneration of leiomyoma in patient aged 56 years.
Some authors report that radiotherapy may trigger sarcomatous transformation of GCT [1, 10].