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n. pl. sar·co·mas also sar·co·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A malignant tumor arising from bone or from soft tissues such as muscle, cartilage, fat, or blood or lymph vessels.

[New Latin, from Greek sarkōma, sarkōmat-, fleshy excrescence, from sarkoun, to produce flesh, from sarx, sark-, flesh.]

sar·co′ma·toid′ (-mə-toid′), sar·co′ma·tous (-təs) adj.
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3) There are no reports in literature regarding long-term survival or subsequent recurrence with sarcomatous differantiation.
5) Complications can include spontaneous fractures through an area of advanced disease in 26% and sarcomatous degenerations of enchondromas to chondrosaromas in 15% to 40%.
4) Human mesotheliomas are classified into 3 major histologic subtypes: epithelial, sarcomatous, and mixed (i.
There have been reports of carcinoids and sarcomatous conversion mimicking GTS; [3-5] however, the pathologists were unable to find immature components in any of the specimens from our patient.
In April of this year, the Food and Drug Administration sent out a news release regarding the potential risk of spread of sarcomatous tissue at the time of this procedure.
6) In our case, no sarcomatous change was detected on histopathologic examination.
Pseudosarcomatous and sarcomatous proliferations of the bladder.
4) Regional lymph node or distant metastasis associated with sarcomatous lesions on imaging studies point to more malignant lesions and excludes GCTLs from the differential.
The most frequent type found in malignant tunical mesothelioma is the epithelial type, followed by the mixed type, with the pure sarcomatous type being very rare (1,5).
Seasonal aspects of sarcomatous neoplasia in Mya arenaria (soft-shell clam) from Long Island Sound.
There are large numbers of HRS cells with sarcomatous variants and a hypocellular background due to fibrosis and necrosis.