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Sarcomere shortening of prerigor muscles and its influence on drip loss.
Another mechanism may be due to local tissue damage by sarcomere deterioration in the Z-line (27).
9] This leads to impaired relaxation of the sarcomere and consequently HFnEF.
Developmental changes in the ultrastructure and sarcomere shortening of the isolated rabbit ventricular myocyte.
Individual sarcomere length determination from isolated cardiac cells using high-resolution optical microscopy and digital image processing.
Sarcomere shortening would be achieved by sliding gradually towards actin filament inside the disc dark.
The magnitude of muscle strain does not influence serial sarcomere number adaptations following eccentric exercise.
Researchers continue to develop and test the technology by using it to determine the cardiac disease state of patients with specific mutations in a sarcomere encoding gene.
Rescue of familial cardiomyopathies by modifications at the level of sarcomere and Ca2+ fluxes.
The cardiac pathology of the disease is related to myocyte hypertrophy and sarcomere irregularity [1].