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I," he said, looking at me unflinchingly, with his old sardonic grin - "I am looking for something to do.
He saw the great sword swing through the arc of a great circle, gathering swift and terrific momentum from its own weight backed by the brawn of the steel thews that guided it; he saw it pass through the feathered skull of the Manatorian, splitting his sardonic grin in twain, and open him to the middle of his breast bone.
After being in the library for about twenty-five minutes, the erstwhile candidate for the funny house departed with a sardonic grin, and the profusion of his thanks was a direct ratio of the spleen to be vented on the ridiculing confreres, now however, quite on the wrong side of the fence.
My commanders said we were ready," he confides with a sardonic grin.
He's a lean shrug in a suit, a sardonic grin slip-slidin' away.
His fast-talking lips pull back in a sardonic grin.