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Of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or tailored clothing: sartorial elegance.

[From Late Latin sartor, tailor; see sartorius.]

sar·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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adv dressedelegant, stilvoll
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Whether it's struggling with office wear or finding an outfit that is flattering and airy, staying sartorially cool in a heatwave can seem impossible.
Note to self: watch the weather forecast in future, as I don't know about you, but I was entirely unprepared sartorially. And don't even get me started on my feet, they were unpedicured, unpolished and just generally not ready for any type of sandal exposure.
The classic hue can make the most sartorially lost shine.
Sartorially speaking, autumn/winter styles are upon us and new trends are beginning to emerge.
"Meghan Markle is not only sartorially savvy and worldwide, but she's also following in the footsteps of female members of the royal family before her, who used their wardrobes as forms of fashion diplomacy," said Renee Kuo, a royal etiquette expert.
Showcasing a curated selection of over 100 sartorially sound, obscure and vintage football shirts, it will show how team kits of previous generations have gained iconic status and how they have crossed paths with the worlds of music, fashion and politics.
This time, the handsome, aristocratic, impeccably mannered Inspector Lynley of Scotland Yard doesn't get into the action for quite a while, but Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers--scrappy, sartorially challenged but ever diligent--is there from the get-go, uncomfortably accompanied by Detective Chief Superintendent Isabelle Ardery, who's never had any use for her.
After he moved on, he was an infrequent visitor to Dubai and I was back in Khaleej Times when he arrived in office one day as dapper as only he could be in an impeccable suit and tie, one of those sartorially elegant men.
The class of sartorially stylish and sartorially sophisticated super-consumer known as the pae-pi (a Korean portmanteau made from the Koreanized pronunciations of the first syllables of "fashion people") is a herald of this sea change in the way to be Korean.
While Kate may be the darling of the Young Royals, she has a tendency to be sartorially predictable.
The rise of luxury athleisure apparel is redefining casual-cool, giving the sartorially smart an excuse to dress stylish for the gym and offering people who can't be bothered with high fashion the option to sport yoga pants at brunch--while still looking effortlessly chic.
This summer, local fashion company Bayo officially launches its seasonal collection that reflects the bright, breezy air of summer while sartorially paying homage to the beauty of the Philippines.