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n. pl. satang
A Thai unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the baht.

[Thai satāṅ.]


n, pl -tang
(Currencies) a monetary unit of Thailand worth one hundredth of a baht
[from Thai satān]



n., pl. -tangs, -tang.
a monetary unit of Thailand, equal to 1/100 of the baht.
[1910–15; < Thai sataaŋ (sp. satāṅg)]
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Noun1.satang - 100 satangs equal 1 baht in Thailand
Thai monetary unit - monetary unit in Thailand
baht, tical - the basic unit of money in Thailand
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Under the existing system, the average tariffs of all of the telecoms packages must be 69 satang for voice service and 26 satang for data service.
9) It fixed the duty on all spirits with a strength of fifty per cent alcohol by volume (ABV) or less at eight baht and thirty-seven satang per the, or roughly two baht per imperial gallon, regardless of origin.
The Club" is an important institution but so also are voluntary organizations such as Rotary, with some touching vignettes of gruff colonial officers accompanying "poor children" and their families on trips to Satang Island for turtle eggs and swimming.