satellite receiver

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Noun1.satellite receiver - a receiver on a communications satellitesatellite receiver - a receiver on a communications satellite
communications satellite - an artificial satellite that relays signals back to earth; moves in a geostationary orbit
receiver, receiving system - set that receives radio or tv signals
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The standalone R&S AVG050 DVB satellite receiver from Rohde & Schwarz fills a gap in the growing IP market.
The integrated satellite receiver will allow consumers to receive free-to-air television channels without the need for an additional set top box as the LED TV will be directly connected with the satellite dish.
Summary: EUROSTAR Group revealed that more than 500,000 units of its MPEG4-DVBS2 range of high definition (HD) satellite receivers have been [.
It has designed and is currently developing the DTSR-100, a satellite receiver that collects data for mapping the ionosphere, a region of the earth's atmosphere consisting of ionised gases that extends from 60 to 600 kms above the Earth's surface.

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