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Designating those Indo-European languages, including the Indo-Iranian, Armenian, and Balto-Slavic branches, in which original palatal velar stops became fricatives (as k' > s or š) and labiovelar stops became plain velars (as kw > k).

[Avestan satəm, hundred (a word whose initial sound illustrates the change); see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈsɑːtəm; ˈseɪ-)
(Languages) denoting or belonging to the group of Indo-European languages in which original velar stops became palatalized (k > s or /ʃ/). These languages belong to the Indic, Iranian, Armenian, Slavonic, Baltic, and Albanian branches and are traditionally regarded as the E group. Compare centum
[from Avestan satəm hundred; chosen to exemplify the variation of initial s with initial k (as in centum) in Indo-European languages]


(ˈsɑ təm)

of or designating the group of Indo-European languages in which Proto-Indo-European palatal stops developed into alveolar or palatal fricatives. Compare centum.
[1900–05; < Avestan satəm hundred (c. Latin centum)]
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83) In May 2015, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tan Sri Adenan Satem, held a closed-door meeting with representatives of the Baram Orang Ulu indigenous groups and thereafter declared that community leaders would support the state government in this Baram Dam project.
Residents of Wadi Khaled condemned the bombing in a statement issued by the municipality on Friday, but raised serious doubts that Satem could have been behind the attack.
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It added that Satem and Moussa tried to secure Ghazi's entry into Syria to fight alongside terrorist organizations there.
His funeral was held on 10 January at Jamek Mosque in Kuching attended by two thousand mourners, including Tun Abdul Taib himself, Tan Sri Adenan Satem (Chief Minister) and Tan Sri Alfred Jabu (Deputy CM).
In response to the accusation that Satem had asked him to carry out a suicide mission for the group in Lebanon, Asaad told the court: "I do not accept any idea of this sort, I have a family and three children.
Whatever the arcane significance of the T-Shirt Movement, that it could exist at all showed just how much the political climate had changed since Adenan Satem took office as Chief Minister.
It added that Satem was the cousin of Qutaiba al-Satem, who blew himself up in a suicide bombing in the southern suburb of Haret Hreik in January 2014.
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