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 (sŭ-tē′, sŭt′ē′)
Variant of suttee.


a funeral ritual in which a Hindu widow who offers herself on the funeral pile alongside her husband's bodya Hindu widow who offers herself on the funeral pile alongside her husband's body


or sa•ti

(sʌˈti, ˈsʌt i)

n., pl. -tees or -tis.
1. the self-immolation of a Hindu widow on the funeral pyre of her husband: now proscribed by law in India.
2. a widow who so immolates herself.
[1780–90; < Skt satī good woman, woman devoted to her husband]
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Last monsoon begin about this time, him fella Sati get 'm sick belly belong him too much; bime by him fella Sati finish altogether," he translated into beche-de-mer the written information: Died of dysentery July 4th, 1901.
Plenty work him fella Sati, long time," Nau-hau drove to the point.
Him fella Sati buy 'm slop chest along plantation two tens pounds and one fella pound.
When the first issue of The Friend of India came out in 1818, it had a long editorial written by Carey himself demanding abolition of Sati, the cruelest practice man could ever think of.
A phenotypic screening process identified candidate antibiotics while Discuva's SATI technology was used to triage and identify compounds with the optimal profile to progress successfully to the next stage of development.
The figure is expected to rise, said Sati, adding that two remote districts of Chamoli district and Pithoragarh were the most affected in the flash floods.
A file photo of Mayada (second left) and her mother Salwa, sister Abdiya, with their maternal grandfather Sati Al Husri.
Sati, who is based in Birmingham's Soho Road, will unveil the outfit at The Asiana Bridal Show in London today.
In this book Sati explains the winning qualities of 130 highly successful people, including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Dr.
I will offer prayers at Sati Maharani temple along with the over 10,000 women of the area," she said.
Sati Ruck, prosecuting, said the victim returned to her home to find McPhee in the property.
Sati said that the only way for emerging from the economic crisis is conditional upon regime change, saying that the government lost the trust of the international financing institutions.