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 (sā′shə-bəl, -shē-ə-)
Possible to satisfy or sate: satiable thirst; a satiable appetite.

sa′tia·bil′i·ty n.
sa′tia·bly adv.


(ˈseɪʃɪəbəl; ˈseɪʃə-)
capable of being satiated
ˌsatiaˈbility n
ˈsatiably adv


(ˈseɪ ʃə bəl, -ʃi ə-)

capable of being satiated.
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Adj.1.satiable - capable of being sated; "a satiable thirst"; "a satiable appetite"
satiate, satiated - supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction
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The battle we see on the planet is that of natural resources that must feed the in satiable appetite of the colonists in exchange of nothing.
In their male characters, the novelists circumscribe desire within the confines of their minds and bodies; moreover, their desires point to clear, stable objects and are therefore satiable.
For the first generation of immigrants the American food is not satiable and delectable and the ethnic cuisine projects their strong affiliation with culture for example, Ashoke's predilection for daal and rice, lamb curry with potatoes and Ashima's love for cooking Indian foods.
Queen Bee Games is an independent game developer founded in 2013 and steeped in the legendary animation tradition of developing memorable, satiable characters.
Optimization is process of nding the most or best satiable solution for optimization and search problems.
Should you fancy a splendid drink or two, enjoy well-chosen cocktails ranging from classic to some more contemporary and satiable variations at Ruby Jack's sleek up bottle squared horseshoe bar housing seasonal delights and rare whiskeys, complete with bar stools designed by renowned French engineer and designer Jean Prouve.
It stated that government has also speeded up its efforts for the appointment of a satiable person on this important post and Imran Ali Gardazi name was also in run in this connection.
secondary) reinforcer, perishable, satiable, direct function (no exchange or manipulation is needed before consumption), immediate consumption (reinforcer may be consumed immediately upon the choice), and metabolic function (reinforcers that are metabolically processed).
This was beginning of the concessions to foreign 'barbarians' that had no satiable limit.
The challenge is finding new business strategies that make money off of our ever-less satiable appetite for content.
Nutritional benefit: Rich in calcium (strengthen bones) and iron (improves quality of blood); 8x more magnesium than maize flour and longer satiable than maize.