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Capable of being satisfied: satisfiable needs and desires.
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Adj.1.satisfiable - capable of being sated; "a satiable thirst"; "a satiable appetite"
satiate, satiated - supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction
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The division of the pedagogical content on courses, tutorials and lab session was satisfiable for 70.27% of the students, 27.03% disagreed and only 2.7% strongly disagreed.
Unless otherwise specified, possession is here always meant to be genuine as opposed to metaphorical or non-literal: the target possession conditions involve an all-or-nothing and actually satisfiable kind of condition.
Sastry, "Feedback-coordinated ramp control of consecutive on-ramps using distributed modeling and godunov-based satisfiable allocation", IEEE Trans.
Model RB, on the other hand, has been commonly used to produce hard satisfiable instances [40] like the ones we needed for the rest of the experiments with randomly generated instances.
Although existing system application study improves the efficiency by adopting the automated configuration and solves deployment optimization problems by using satisfiable module theory, multiobjective optimization, there are still some problems as follows [65]:
That does not mean it is satisfiable, or that we owe everyone the satisfaction of this non-rare desire.
(119.) Professor Vicki Jackson explains that although a court may enter a judgment "satisfiable only from public funds." such a judgment "may prove inefficacious, in light of Congress' power over appropriations of public funds." Vicki C.
A constraint program is satisfiable when there exists at least one assignment that satisfies all the constraints.
Although the resolution of multicollinearity does not lead to improved accuracy, the results suggest that the reliability of the regression coefficient is satisfiable and that stable results will be obtained when new data are analyzed using the model.
(c) the object yes means that the CNF is satisfiable;
The truth, in the sense of those ideas about reality which correspond to it, enable us to predict it and lead us to adapt ourselves to it and to wants which are satisfiable by it, is a pure good.