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Capable of being satisfied: satisfiable needs and desires.
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Adj.1.satisfiable - capable of being sated; "a satiable thirst"; "a satiable appetite"
satiate, satiated - supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction
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A constraint program is satisfiable when there exists at least one assignment that satisfies all the constraints.
it can decide whether the offered per-unit price is satisfiable for the house.
Konan (2013) suggested that persons with internal locus of control are extra satisfiable and relaxed with circumstances that give the chance for own control.
Clearly, F is not 1-in-3 satisfiable if it includes a 1-clause.
This phase transition region is where instances abruptly stop being satisfiable and contains, in average, the most difficult to solve instances, regardless of the heuristic used.
Electric energy price paid to parts and not satisfiable total value is not known post-declaration.
If the clauses are not satisfiable, then we move on to the next choice.
This essay will show that this combination of principles is satisfiable (and nontrivially so) and that the principles are jointly satisfied if and only if rational belief is equivalent to the assignment of a stably high rational degree of belief.
In this case the pertinent requirements of truth are in principle satisfiable.
Hintikka uses the term referential multiplicity to describe how a sentence may be satisfiable in a number of possible worlds even if the referents at which the sentence aims are wildly dissimilar.
If there is at least one interpretation under which X is true, then X is said to be consistent or satisfiable.
We face numerous and serious complex moral problems, and we need plans to deal with them--that is, to guide, coordinate, and monitor our actions: "If a regime did not normally produce standards that were general, promulgated, clear, prospective, consistent, satisfiable, and stable .