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 (sā′trăp′, săt′răp′)
1. A governor of a province in ancient Persia.
2. A ruler.
3. A subordinate bureaucrat or official: "The satraps of Capitol Hill will not sit idly by" (David Nyhan).
4. Usage Problem A satrapy.

[Middle English satrape, from Old French, from Latin satrapēs, from Greek, from Old Persian khshathrapāvā, protector of the province : khshathra-, realm, province + pāvā, protector; see pā- in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: In its primary and figurative senses, satrap refers to a person. Sometimes the word is used to refer to the geographical location or organization under the control of a satrap, as in this quotation from a 2014 editorial in Forbes magazine:"Plunging oil prices are hammering Moscow far more than are the tepid, half-hearted sanctions imposed by the West after Putin's ... machinations to effectively make Ukraine a Russian satrap." The correct term for this sense, however, is satrapy, and most writers maintain this distinction.


1. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Persia) a provincial governor
2. (Historical Terms) a subordinate ruler, esp a despotic one
[C14: from Latin satrapa, from Greek satrapēs, from Old Persian khshathrapāvan, literally: protector of the land]


(ˈseɪ træp, ˈsæ-)

1. a governor of a province in ancient Persia.
2. a subordinate ruler, often a despot.
[1350–1400; < Latin satrapa < Greek satrápēs < Old Persian khshathra-pāvan- country-protector]
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Noun1.satrap - a governor of a province in ancient Persia
governor - the head of a state government
References in classic literature ?
He is the satrap of that province in the autocratic realm of the ship, and more personally responsible for anything that may happen there.
Harley, in turn, addressed him as: Man-Dog, Incorruptible One, Brass Tacks, Then Some, Sin of Gold, South Sea Satrap, Nimrod, Young Nick, and Lion-Slayer.
In person, Clement des Lupeaulx had the remains of a handsome man; five feet six inches tall, tolerably stout, complexion flushed with good living, powdered head, delicate spectacles, and a worn-out air; the natural skin blond, as shown by the hand, puffy like that of an old woman, rather too square, and with short nails--the hand of a satrap.
Tenders are invited for Safety Satrap For Brake Beam Outer Drg.
With no conclusive proof that the Syrian government had crossed his chemical weapons red line and with no strategy on offer about the end game after the bombing, Obama was abandoned by his usually reliable British satrap, and other allies "headed for the hills".
Waters then applies this analysis to the satrap Pissouthnes' involvement in the Samian revolt.
Satrap also shares a Texas oil and gas partnership with Jones' right-hand man, Mike McCoy, in violation of PG&E rules.
All the present Government does is take from the needy to give to the greedy and our foreign policy is dictated by America as it has been ever since Tory Tony Blair made the once Great Britain a satrap of America.
Atkinson's sound remark that we have evidence that Osines was a cruel satrap who actually abused power adds substance to the theory that Curtius remodelled the historical figure for moralistic reasons, and employed Osines' case to express his indirect criticism of an unidentified Roman emperor.
The BJP's southern satrap held a meeting with his party's lawmakers from the state at his Bangalore residence on Tuesday.
He was appointed satrap (governor) of Egypt after Alexander's death in 323 BC and declared himself King Ptolemy I in 305 BC.
Cheshire examines in detail a number of bronze statues depicting the first successor to the satrap of Egypt (Ptolemy I) appointed by Alexander the Great.