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 (sā′trə-pē, -trăp′ē, săt′rə-pē)
n. pl. sa·tra·pies
1. The territory or sphere under the rule of a satrap.
2. A nation, state, territory, or area controlled as if by a satrap: "No military legions from the West are going to liberate their Eastern European satrapies" (John Hughes).


n, pl -trapies
(Historical Terms) the province, office, or period of rule of a satrap


(ˈseɪ trə pi, ˈsæ-)

n., pl. -trap•ies.
the province or jurisdiction of a satrap.


Persian Empire, the system of provincial governments ruled by satraps, each of whom answered to the Persian emperor.
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Thus, for Marx, a modern nation-state - whether (like Italy or his own native Germany) it had united a number of smaller feudal satrapies, or whether (like Poland or Pakistan) it had crystallised and opted out of a larger state entity - was a product of the capitalist stage of human social evolution and was therefore provisional upon the development of capital in a particular society.
Pour faire corps et chair et renverser les satrapies existantes, un autre type d'intelligence sociale et d'imagination culturelle est a inventer.
That Of Yemen Will Serve Two Purposes: Giving The Empire Mastery Over The Arabian And Red Seas; And Splitting The Arabian Peninsula Into Seven Or Eight Satrapies, With Each To Be Administered By A Safawi Satrap To Be Named By The Supreme Guide Of A Theocracy Which Should Ultimately Become Global
Justice could be slow in coming or suborned, but the system was not one of unbridled satrapies, vigilante justice or uncontrolled brutality.
C'est dans son chapitre sur << democratisation et internationalisation>> qu'Achille Mbembe montre qu' << Aujourd'hui encore, elle [la France] est connue, a tort ou a raison, pour son soutien le plus tenace, le plus retors et le plus indefectible aux satrapies les plus corrompues du continent et aux regimes qui, justement, ont toume le dos a la cause africaine.
We think that there is a clear and compelling distinction between management's legitimate need for freedom to apply its expertise in matters of day-to-day business judgment, and management's patently illegitimate claim of power to treat modern corporations with their vast resources as personal satrapies implementing personal political or moral predilections.
He added that he anticipated the Al Houthis would play a similar role to the one Hezbollah plays in Lebanon, which was a clear illustration of what Tehran expected from its satrapies.
He divided it into twenty satrapies (or provincial governments) and judiciously balanced central authority with decentralization within each territory.
Alexander divided the conquered territories of ancient Pakistan including Kabul into seven satrapies administratively and each province was kept under the control of governor.
Under the later kings of the Persian Empire, the Cappadocians were divided into two satrapies, or governments, with one comprising the central and inland portion, to which the name of Cappadocia continued to be applied by Greek geographers, while the other was called Pontus.
Regarding the military operations in the Middle East, I expect that the physical destruction and the hypocrisy of the US government's message, the massive waste of money and the overkill of weaponry brought into the region by the US government, and the corruption that the US government promotes and tolerates in its occupied regions or within its satrapies have all led to a level of hatred and distrust that will last for several generations, and that will delegitimize any activities the US government wishes to pursue for the next 50 years at least," she stated.
Their administration greatly encouraged the efforts of the satrapies toward innovative practices in agronomy, arboriculture, and irrigation.