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 (sā′trə-pē, -trăp′ē, săt′rə-pē)
n. pl. sa·tra·pies
1. The territory or sphere under the rule of a satrap.
2. A nation, state, territory, or area controlled as if by a satrap: "No military legions from the West are going to liberate their Eastern European satrapies" (John Hughes).
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n, pl -trapies
(Historical Terms) the province, office, or period of rule of a satrap
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(ˈseɪ trə pi, ˈsæ-)

n., pl. -trap•ies.
the province or jurisdiction of a satrap.
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Persian Empire, the system of provincial governments ruled by satraps, each of whom answered to the Persian emperor.
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The Philippines was only loosely connected to this newly emerged regime, its position being described as a 'lesser satrapy' by one scholar reflecting on the history of Southeast Asia as a field of study.
In short, Iran is a rebellious satrapy that must be subdued.
The satrapy (ruled areas) was provided with all sorts of support and wealth for the western corporations to continue to loot their wealth, thereby depriving the locals of any benefits reaped from their resources.
This is not about sovereignty or satrapy. It is simply a question of whether we would prefer China's approach to intellectual property and technology transfers over those of the West, or European food and agricultural standards over those of the U.S.
"It is vassalage, satrapy, colony status for the UK.
Mr Johnson - who walked out of the Cabinet days after signing up to the package at the Prime Minister's country residence - said Mrs May's blueprint would leave the UK in "vassalage, satrapy, colony status" to the EU.
The first chapter, 'Administering Bactria: From Achaemenid Satrapy to Graeco-Bactrian State" (pp.
Soon, however, it became clear that Tehran meant to use Hezbollah as a Trojan horse to turn Lebanon into a satrapy in all but name.
In the 1963 article, 'From Anarchy to Satrapy', she argued that the rise of 1960s administration-supported big men constituted a radical shift from an anarchic egalitarian pre-contact past throughout the New Guinea highlands and was a portent of strong autocratic rulers in the future.
The Darius-1 annexed Sindh as the twentieth satrapy of his empire.
Simply stated, the mighty Syrian Arab Army was but a satrapy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah, which meant that without them, most of the territories that linked Damascus to Latakia would have fallen some time ago.
ODS will continue after Yemen, which is no longer a "Persian satrapy", as Iran's theocracy has left the Houthis to fight on their own; its experts there are trapped (see overleaf & fap3GccUSyemn16Mar15).