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 (săt-so͞o′mə, sä-tso͞o′mä, sä′tso͞o-mä′)
1. A seedless mandarin orange originally cultivated in Japan.
2. Satsuma A Japanese porcelain.

[After Satsuma, a peninsula of southwest Kyushu, Japan.]


(Placename) a former province of SW Japan, on S Kyushu: famous for its porcelain


1. (Plants) a small citrus tree, Citrus nobilis var. unshiu, cultivated, esp in Japan, for its edible fruit
2. (Plants) the fruit of this tree, which has a loose rind and easily separable segments
[C19: originally from the province of Satsuma, Japan]


(sætˈsu mə, ˈsæt sə mə)

a former province on S Kyushu, in SW Japan: famous for its porcelain ware.
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Noun1.Satsuma - a variety of mandarin orangesatsuma - a variety of mandarin orange  
satsuma - medium-sized largely seedless mandarin orange with thin smooth skin
Citrus reticulata, mandarin, mandarin orange, mandarin orange tree - shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed; native to southeastern Asia
2.satsuma - medium-sized largely seedless mandarin orange with thin smooth skin
mandarin orange, mandarin - a somewhat flat reddish-orange loose skinned citrus of China
satsuma, satsuma tree - a variety of mandarin orange


[ˌsætˈsuːmə] Nsatsuma f


[sætˈsuːmə] n (= fruit) → satsuma f


nSatsuma f


[ˌsætˈsuːmə] nsatsuma tipo di mandarino
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A statement from the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security (MoA) explains that the host crop for Asian Fruit Fly includes tomatoes, peppers, sweet orange, easy peelers or soft citrus such as mandarin, Satsuma, Clementine, Minneola, tangelo and tagor, grapefruit, pomelo, lemon and lime, pumpkins, squashes, melons and butternuts.