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Serving to saturate.
A substance used to saturate.


(ˈsætʃərənt) chem
(Chemistry) the substance that causes a solution, etc, to be saturated
(Chemistry) (of a substance) causing saturation
[C18: from Latin saturāns]


(ˈsætʃ ər ənt)

1. something that causes saturation.
2. causing saturation; saturating.
[1745–55; < Latin saturant-, s. of saturāns, present participle of saturāre to saturate; see -ant]
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Le dispositif scenographique joue egalement avec les dimensions des oeuvres sans jamais fournir d'echelle, ou en saturant les arriere-plans d'images multiples, plus decoratives que didactiques.
Plus inhabituel encore, la neige a gagne la region de Tabouk, dans le nord-ouest de l'Arabie saoudite, oE les habitants se sont precipites pour voir ce spectacle rare dans le royaume desertique, saturant vite les routes menant au mont Allouz.
at The Penn Club of New York, 30 West 44th Street, and will be moderated by Evan Weremeychik, AIA, LEED AP, senior associate and project architect of Karlsberger Architecture PC, and Michael Saturant, PE, partner of AKF Group LLC.
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex, Research Triangle Park, NC, announced the appointment of two additional distributors for the company's line of specialty latexes used for building products, adhesives, nonwovens, tapes, functional coatings and saturant applications.
A new technical bulletin is available from Air Products Polymers that highlights the versatility of the company's "Airflex" ethylene-vinyl chloride (EVCL) emulsions designed for nonwoven bonding, coating, adhesive and saturant applications.
Nonwoven manufacturers put Glenro infrared and hot air dryers and ovens to work on many applications including thermal and saturant bonding, drying coatings and finishes, and curing resins on filter media.
Glenro gas and electric infrared and hot air systems are used for thermal and saturant bonding, drying coatings and finishes, curing resins on filter media and predrying saturated webs for faster line speeds.
Highlighted at Labelexpo will be Water-Based NovaCryl pressure sensitive adhesives; Suncryl release coatings for paper and film tapes and labels; GenFlo styrene butadiene saturants for crepe paper; and pressure sensitive vinyl performance films.
Saturants and Release Coatings for Asia Market Haiping Fu - Shanghai, China Rob Holmes - Akron, OH Doug Harper - Chester, SC Norm Porter - Akron, OH Bobbie Varnadore - Chester, SC