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 (sā′tər-ĭd, săt′ər-, sə-tī′rĭd)
Any of numerous nymphalid butterflies of the subfamily Satyrinae, formerly the family Satyridae, which includes the satyrs and wood nymphs.

[From New Latin Satyridae, former family name, from Satyrus, type genus, from Latin satyrus, satyr; see satyr.]

sa′tyr·id adj.
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(Animals) any butterfly of the family Satyridae, having typically brown or dark wings with paler markings: includes the graylings, satyrs, browns, ringlets, and gatekeepers
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This site was selected to include native prairie hesperiids and satyrids as well as the regal fritillary (Speyeria idalia), then a candidate for listing by the U.S.