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adj. sauc·i·er, sauc·i·est
1. Impertinent or disrespectful, especially in a playful or lively way: a saucy servant; a saucy smile.
2. Attractive or stylish, especially in being sexually alluring: a saucy dress.
3. Having the consistency of or covered with sauce: saucy meatballs.

sau′ci·ly adv.
sau′ci·ness n.


1. (Professions) a chef who makes sauces and sautés foods
2. (Cookery) a chef who makes sauces and sautés foods


(sɔsˈyeɪ; Fr. soʊˈsyɛ)

n., pl. sau•ciers (sɔsˈyeɪz; Fr. soʊˈsyɛ)
a chef or cook who specializes in making sauces.
[1960–65; < French]
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Bridesmaids were Allison Saucier and Brianna Stark.
In this biography for young people, Saucier, a freelance artist, illustrator, writer, and friend of paleoanthropologist Donald C.
GER 1Y is reserved at an absurdly low pounds 700, 1 HEY at pounds 3,200, 9 RXY pounds 600 (the lowest reserve I've ever seen for a four-digit plate), and, for the saucier egotist, L1 CKS at just pounds 900.
Robbins LLC, Muscle Shoals, AL, appointed Steven Saucier as president and chief executive officer.
Mihaela Sabin, Madbury, assistant professor and coordinator, computer information systems program; Jamie Saucier, Manchester, student activities coordinator; Anthony Tenczar, Concord, promoted to associate professor, communication arts program; Brian Tobin, Manchester, administrative assistant, marketing and community relations department.
Saucier III, Cooking With Gas: The Official Guide for Restaurant Start-ups and Operations is a practical, no-nonsense manual to getting a restaurant business off the ground and running it successfully.
on October 16 and Beth Greer, 73, was in the process of retrieving a handgun from her car after being threatened by a masked, armed gunman in the garage of her Saucier, Mississippi, home.
STRICTLY Come Dancing just gets saucier and saucier as the weeks go by, and it's got nothing to do with the flesh-flashing costumes.
JUST when we thought they couldn't get any saucier, Girls Aloud have upped the ante once more.
Written by Paul Saucier with the Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine and Wendy Fox-Grage with the AARP Public Policy Institute, this study provides information on the limited, but important, experience of states that have implemented Medicaid managed long-term care programs, and examines the key policy issues going forward, and the likelihood of future growth in these programs.
RtPortal combines the best-of-breed offerings from our partners, Microsoft and SAP, and allows our customers to extend the value of the critical information and technology they already have," said Michael Saucier, vice president of Marketing, OSIsoft, Inc.