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A North American freshwater food and game fish (Sander canadensis), resembling the walleye but having a slender body and a spotted dorsal fin.

[Origin unknown.]


(Animals) a small North American pikeperch, Stizostedion canadense, with a spotted dorsal fin: valued as a food and game fish
[C19: of unknown origin]


(ˈsɔ gər)

a freshwater, North American pikeperch, Stizostedion canadense.
[1880–85, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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Removing the dam will open up the river for fish such as white bass, sauger, smallmouth bass and redhorse.
5" YELLOW PERCH 1 Tom Lowe Central Islip, NY Wading R, NY 16" SAUGER 3 Danny Kurttila Riverton, WY Wind R, WY 23.
There are also great fishing opportunities for bass, crappie, catfish, and sauger.
The biggest value catch is pickerel (walleye) with sauger, northern pike and whitefish all taken but lower in commercial value.
I can't imagine it having gone much better," said Tom Taylor, SIG SAUGER chief marketing officer and executive VP, commercial sales, in evaluating SIG Rewards.
A close relative of walleye, sauger are among the state's most imperiled fish species.
Furthermore, these results can help direct the management and conservation of valued endangered and game species in the lower Yellowstone River by providing fisheries managers with a better understanding of the distributions and abundances of prey species for valued species such as pallid sturgeon and sauger Sander canadensis.
Presentations at an elastomeric components session will include: "Lifetime prediction methodology for variable service temperature profiles in bonded flexible hoses," Jo Wiggers, Dunlop Oil & Marine; "Effect of rapid gas decompression on elastomer materials in extreme conditions," Emmanuel Sauger, CETIM; and "Sealing and wear of polymeric components for O&G applications: Challenging choices," Alexei Melnikov, CDI Energy Products.
It was a great trip, and we brought back our limit of walleye and sauger.
5: Walleye, sauger, saugeye, muskie, bass, bluegills, bullheads, catfish and crappie start spring feeding.
Business Professionals of America students Carmen Wise, James Sauger and Steffani DiPilato decided to do a fundraiser to help the family, and were proud to present the family with a check for more than $1,300 toward the new trike.
Blais, Andre, Simon Labbe-St-Vincent, Laslier Jean-Francois, Nicolas Sauger y Karine Van der Straeten.