sausage curl

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Noun1.sausage curl - a fat sausage-shaped curl
lock, ringlet, whorl, curl - a strand or cluster of hair
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Sausage curls or tirabuson a la Shirley Temple was another favorite hairstyle for children.
The Old Sturbridge Village dancers will present a Washington Birthday Ball on Sunday, while beforehand OSV historians will discuss 19th-century hairdressing techniques (including bear grease and sausage curls) in "Her Crowning Glory"; etiquette for the ball in "Please Take Hands"; and 1830s must-have accessories in "Frills and Furbelows." For times, details and other events call (800) 733-1830 or see
Nathan, in a miniature three-piece suit, a handkerchief in the breast pocket, smiles at Natalie, whose hair hangs in sausage curls to her waist.