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Noun1.sausage meat - any meat that is minced and spiced and cooked as patties or used to fill sausagessausage meat - any meat that is minced and spiced and cooked as patties or used to fill sausages
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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The fellow took a mass of sausage meat and coated it round a wire and laid it on a charcoal fire to cook.
She often reminded me, when she was preparing for the return of the hungry men, that this country was not like Virginia; and that here a cook had, as she said, `very little to do with.' On Sundays she gave us as much chicken as we could eat, and on other days we had ham or bacon or sausage meat. She baked either pies or cake for us every day, unless, for a change, she made my favourite pudding, striped with currants and boiled in a bag.
Next for me was a free range chicken breast that came stuffed with red peppers and Italian sausage meat and surrounded by a tomato sauce.
Your taste buds will love this freshly-baked golden puff pastry, filled with seasoned sausage meat.
Puff pastry filled with seasoned pork sausage meat is freshly baked throughout the day.
The reason this dish became known as scotch egg is simply because "scotching" something means to roll it in sausage meat and deep fry, hence the name scotch eggs.
If you are feeling fancy, try boning the legs, stuffing with either sausage meat, cranberries and chestnuts, or herbs, such as sage and rosemary, rolling and then wrapping in greaseproof and tin foil (shiny side out) before poaching in the oven.
With a good quality jar of tomato pasta sauce added to decent sausage meat, it makes a great dinner.
Paxo stuffing Sausage meat. Stocking up With goods to eat.
He said: "Something sharp was left in sausage meat and bread, obviously in the hope that a dog would put it in its mouth.
Sausage and Chicken SliceIngredients 900g/2-lb sausage meat 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce 50g (2oz) white breadcrumbs 350g (12oz) dried apricots (chopped) 1tbsp chopped parsley 1tbsp mango chutney 1 egg lightly beaten
To enjoy this mouth-watering, freshly-baked golden puff pastry, filled with seasoned sausage meat, simply fill out this voucher and take it to your local Greggs store (see Terms and Conditions for details).