save up

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: up - accumulate money for future use; "He saves half his salary"
cache, hive up, hoard, lay away, squirrel away, stash - save up as for future use
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يُوَفِّرُيُوَفِّر، يَدَّخِر
šetřit sispořit
spare op
šetriť si
spara till
tiết kiệm

w>save up

visparen (→ for für, auf +acc)
vt sep (= not spend)sparen; (= not use)aufheben, aufbewahren; he’s saving himself up for the big matcher schont sich für das große Spiel
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(seiv) verb
1. to rescue or bring out of danger. He saved his friend from drowning; The house was burnt but he saved the pictures.
2. to keep (money etc) for future use. He's saving (his money) to buy a bicycle; They're saving for a house.
3. to prevent the using or wasting of (money, time, energy etc). Frozen foods save a lot of trouble; I'll telephone and that will save me writing a letter.
4. in football etc, to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. The goalkeeper saved six goals.
5. to free from the power of sin and evil.
6. to keep data in the computer.
(in football etc) an act of preventing the opposing team from scoring a goal.
ˈsaver noun
a person or thing that saves, avoids waste etc. The telephone is a great time-saver.
ˈsaving noun
a way of saving money etc or the amount saved in this way. It's a great saving to be able to make one's own clothes.
ˈsavings noun plural
money saved up. He keeps his savings in the bank.
saviour , (American) savior (ˈseivjə) noun
1. (usually with capital) a person or god who saves people from sin, hell etc.
2. a person who rescues a person etc from danger etc. He was the saviour of his country.
saving grace
a good quality that makes up for a fault. His speeches are boring but they have the saving grace of being short.
savings account
an account in a bank or post office on which interest is paid.
savings bank
a bank that receives small savings and gives interest.
save up
to save. He's been saving up for a new bike.
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save up

يُوَفِّرُ spořit spare op sparen εξοικονομώ ahorrar säästää économiser štedjeti risparmiare 蓄える 저축하다 sparen spare oszczędzić economizar откладывать деньги spara till เก็บเงิน biriktirmek tiết kiệm 储蓄
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