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The noise of footsteps on the creaking stairs, a few minutes after the occurrence of this conversation, roused the merry old gentleman as he sat over the fire with a saveloy and a small loaf in his hand; a pocket-knife in his right; and a pewter pot on the trivet.
When I dined regularly and handsomely, I had a saveloy and a penny loaf, or a fourpenny plate of red beef from a cook's shop; or a plate of bread and cheese and a glass of beer, from a miserable old public-house opposite our place of business, called the Lion, or the Lion and something else that I have forgotten.
He likewise entertained his guest over the soup and fish, with the calculation that he (Bounderby) had eaten in his youth at least three horses under the guise of polonies and saveloys.
And there are the office lads in their first surtouts, who feel a befitting contempt for boys at day-schools, club as they go home at night, for saveloys and porter, and think there's nothing like 'life.
We've got our parmo, mince and dumplings and of course saveloy dip; we've got loads of great dishes to be proud of
SAVELOY A) Sausage made with three different meats B) Sausage originally made with brains C) British version of an Austrian sausage who am I?
They also sell sausages and saveloy, pies, pasties, chicken, kebabs and burgers, cheesecake, chocolate cake and Haagen Dazs ice cream (PS2.
Our fellow Brits are just as bad, with Geordies sneaking an extra pie, the Welsh adding scraps of batter - and the south-east English a saveloy.
Lunch: Battered cod and chips, battered sausage, battered burger, saveloy, mushy peas, cola.
NEW The Trials of Jimmy Rose ITV, 9pm Oi oi saveloy, Ray Winstone plays guess what, a cockernee wrong 'un in a drama also starring Amanda Redman as his ball and chain.
They include such grisly matters as potted meat and saveloy merchant William Henry Wills, who sold diseased horsemeat to his unsuspecting customers, a deaf window cleaner accidentally pushed from his ladder by a blind passer-by, a man crushed to death by his own runaway cart and the peculiar case of Jeremiah Darcey - who died after swallowing his own false teeth.
Ate better, for one thing; fish and chips, saveloy and chips, sweet'n'sour Chinese.