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or sav·ine  (săv′ĭn)
1. An evergreen Eurasian shrub (Juniperus sabina) having brownish-blue seed-bearing cones and young shoots that yield an oil formerly used medicinally.
2. Any of several related plants, especially the eastern red cedar.

[Middle English, from Old English safine and from Old French savine, both from Latin (herba) Sabīna, Sabine (plant), savin, feminine of Sabīnus.]


(ˈsævɪn) or


1. (Plants) a small spreading juniper bush, Juniperus sabina, of Europe, N Asia, and North America
2. (Plants) the oil derived from the shoots and leaves of this plant, formerly used in medicine to treat rheumatism, etc
3. (Plants) another name for red cedar1
[C14: from Old French savine, from Latin herba Sabīna the Sabine plant]


or sav•ine

(ˈsæv ɪn)

1. a Eurasian juniper, Juniperus sabina, introduced in E North America.
2. an extract of the dried tops of this plant, used in perfumery.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English safine, savene « Latin (herba) Sabina Sabine (herb)]
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Noun1.savin - procumbent or spreading junipersavin - procumbent or spreading juniper  
juniper - coniferous shrub or small tree with berrylike cones
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