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sa·vor·y 1

1. Appetizing to the taste or smell: a savory stew.
2. Piquant, pungent, or salty to the taste; not sweet.
3. Morally respectable; inoffensive: a past that was scarcely savory.
n. pl. sa·vor·ies
A dish of pungent taste, such as anchovies on toast or pickled fruit, sometimes served in Great Britain as an hors d'oeuvre or instead of a sweet dessert.

[Middle English savure, from Old French savoure, past participle of savourer, to taste, from Late Latin sapōrāre, from Latin sapor, flavor; see savor.]

sa′vor·i·ly adv.
sa′vor·i·ness n.

sa·vor·y 2

n. pl. sa·vor·ies
1. An annual Mediterranean aromatic herb (Satureja hortensis) of the mint family, having pale lavender to white flowers. Also called summer savory.
2. A related Mediterranean aromatic perennial herb (Satureja montana), having white or pink flowers. Also called winter savory.
3. The leaves of either of these plants, used as seasoning.

[Middle English saverey, alteration of Old French sarree, alteration of Latin saturēia.]
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Noun1.savoriness - having an appetizing flavor
appetisingness, appetizingness - the property of stimulating the appetite
sapidness, sapidity - a pleasant flavor
References in classic literature ?
I give the Latin on account of the savoriness of the trivial name.
Sprinkling a bit more salt on your meat before placing it on a hot grill helps it develop a crust and adds another layer of savoriness.
Then to counter the savoriness of the huevos, he presents gambas refreshingly, with an almost Thai influence, presented with coconut and cilantro, and roe for color and saltiness.
"The savoriness of the black sesame flavor and nuttiness of the wine work so well together," she says.
According to, Umami describes foods with an inherent savoriness. Umami is described as brothy or meaty.
"Maitake have a texture and meat-like savoriness that you can't get from portobellos, and you don't have the weird squishiness that Americans have against buttons and portobellos," says Zheng.
The flat noodles along with the "spiciness, saltiness and savoriness" of this product "screams Taiwan" reminding him of a flavor he has tasted on previous trips to the country.
The gluten-free bread that most use is made from chickpea flour, which already has a built-in savoriness to it, and which I enjoy.
"UMAMI", the source of savoriness of Japanese cuisine was the theme for the final stage of this year's contest, held in Tokyo.