saw down

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w>saw down

vt sepum- or absägen
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I looked along them, and I saw down into his inmost heart.
"I looked along the two rays of light, and I saw down into his inmost heart.
"Thou talkest in this way because thou lovest me, Sancho," said Don Quixote; "and not being experienced in the things of the world, everything that has some difficulty about it seems to thee impossible; but time will pass, as I said before, and I will tell thee some of the things I saw down there which will make thee believe what I have related now, the truth of which admits of neither reply nor question."
I missed my way among the streets, and presently saw down a long avenue, in the half-light of the early dawn, the curve of Primrose Hill.
THE first thing I saw down there was the upper part of a man's body projecting backward, as it were, from one of the doors at the foot of the stairs.
Tories admire the way he saw down junior doctors as Health Secretary.
A LATE Donal O'Hare point saw Down take top-spot in Division Three of the Allianz League and deny Carlow a chance of promotion.
"I rushed towards the balcony and saw down to see him fleeing the scene, with three of our security staff also lying dead, outside." "Now, I'm a realist, I am, so I immediately started thinking: is this fellow a tradesman of some sort?
EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm KEANU knows what - and who - he saw down by the canal.
You could always saw down an old adult-size table and chairs if you want to save money.
WHILST cutting back an extremely overgrown area at the cottage this week I put my pocket pruning saw down and couldn't find it.
local time on Wednesday, grabbed a handsaw and attempted to saw through his arms, managing to saw down to the bone.