saw down

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w>saw down

vt sepum- or absägen
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Les, who will play Grandad in the show, said: "I saw Down the Dock Road when it was first performed 40 years ago and the humour and its message has stayed with me ever since.
Incredibly, they continued to saw down the trees after the train had come to a stop, but left the scene before police arrived.
To do this, one at a time stand each ear on its wide end, then carefully saw down the length of the cob on all sides.
WHILST cutting back an extremely overgrown area at the cottage this week I put my pocket pruning saw down and couldn't find it.
local time on Wednesday, grabbed a handsaw and attempted to saw through his arms, managing to saw down to the bone.
O'Hare showed nerves of steel to convert a last gasp free against Mayo which saw Down register their first NFL points last week.
What I saw down there (in New Zealand) I think means almost a quantum change in the way films are made," he remarked last year after visiting the set.
Don't expect to see free-flowing, passing football, but rather a more physical and bruising encounter as we saw down at Carrow Road in December, when the Toon suffered from a sending-off and the back four struggled under a barrage of headed goals from the high-flying Norwich front line in a 4-2 defeat.