saw down

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w>saw down

vt sepum- or absägen
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I looked along them, and I saw down into his inmost heart.
I looked along the two rays of light, and I saw down into his inmost heart.
Thou talkest in this way because thou lovest me, Sancho," said Don Quixote; "and not being experienced in the things of the world, everything that has some difficulty about it seems to thee impossible; but time will pass, as I said before, and I will tell thee some of the things I saw down there which will make thee believe what I have related now, the truth of which admits of neither reply nor question.
I missed my way among the streets, and presently saw down a long avenue, in the half-light of the early dawn, the curve of Primrose Hill.
THE first thing I saw down there was the upper part of a man's body projecting backward, as it were, from one of the doors at the foot of the stairs.
You could always saw down an old adult-size table and chairs if you want to save money.
Les Dennis, who is making his debut as a co-producer alongside the Royal Court, said: "I saw Down the Dock Road when it was first performed 40 years ago and the humour and its message has stayed with me ever since.
Incredibly, they continued to saw down the trees after the train had come to a stop, but left the scene before police arrived.
WHILST cutting back an extremely overgrown area at the cottage this week I put my pocket pruning saw down and couldn't find it.
local time on Wednesday, grabbed a handsaw and attempted to saw through his arms, managing to saw down to the bone.