saw logs

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Verb1.saw logs - breathe noisily during one's sleep; "she complained that her husband snores"
breathe, take a breath, suspire, respire - draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs; "I can breathe better when the air is clean"; "The patient is respiring"
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But a real horse is alive, and trots and prances and eats oats, while this is nothing more than a dead horse, made of wood, and used to saw logs upon.
It had been rudely made, in the beginning, to saw logs upon, so that its body was a short length of a log, and its legs were stout branches fitted into four holes made in the body.
Accurately determining log and bark volumes of saw logs using high-resolution laser scan data.
Its product suite consists of pricing data, mill intelligence and analytics as well as news, research and conferences covering the pulp, packaging, wood products, wood fibre and saw logs markets.
Another forestry company is working with them on a solution to aerially assess saw logs in the mill yard and segregate them by species, log length and final product type.
Forest Service is one of approximately one dozen public and private agencies responsible for organizing the popular event, which offers youngsters a chance to climb trees, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, saw logs and hike with their families for free throughout the Howard Buford Recreation Area.
Not only will this provide a sustainable fuel supply for the local area, and saw logs for our mill, it will respect the local habitat and amenity.
Commercial mills will not saw logs shorter than eight feet, but I have cut sections as short as four feet.
Often overlooked and thought of only in timber terms, there are multiple ways to create income from a small woodlot beyond selling saw logs.
The Inquirer, however, saw logs and uprooted trees beached along the shores of Barangay (village) Tambak in Baganga and Barangay Baculin in Caraga.
In Part B of the same annex, the Commission lists the 2G' biofuels (there are four of these) whose energy content can only be multiplied by two; used cooking oil; animal fats not intended for human consumption; non-food cellulosic material; and igno-cellulosic material except saw logs and veneer logs.