saw up


w>saw up

vt sepzersägen (→ into in +acc)
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He expressed the confidence that relations which saw ups and downs in the past will flourish in the years to come.
And from being termed as aACAyParadise on Earth' to a aACAyland of terrorism', the state saw ups and downs.
Addressing a news conference in Kabul, coach Kabir Khan said all teams and players naturally saw ups and downs.
He further said that US-Pakistan trade relationship never saw ups and downs and had always been mutually beneficial.
Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the Kyrgyz colleague and said despite the bilateral relations saw ups and downs, the relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan were unchanged and will remain such.
Stocks saw ups and downs in directionless trading amid a lingering sense of caution over the outlook of the European debt problem, market analysts said.
The campaign saw ups and downs, with minister after minister promising support only to then make a U-turn.
21, 2009 (CENS) -- Top-three assembled-bicycle makers in Taiwan reported operation results for the first three quarters, which saw ups and downs.
The quarter saw UPS make a seamless transition for customers wishing to use the new euro currency in Europe; the enhancement of UPS-branded operations to 18 new cities inside China, and the launch of dedicated round-trip UPS flights to San Jose, Costa Rica, five days a week.
Stocks saw ups and downs throughout the day as some investors bought them on a bigger-than-expected increase in U.