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1. A sawhorse, especially one having a crossed pair of legs at each end.
2. Slang A ten-dollar bill.

[Partial translation of Dutch zaagbok, sawbuck : zaag, saw + bok, goat. Sense 2, from the resemblance of the crossed pairs of legs to the Roman numeral X.]
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1. US and Canadian a sawhorse, esp one having an X-shaped supporting structure
2. chiefly slang US and Canadian a ten-dollar bill
[C19: (in the sense: sawhorse) translated from Dutch zaagbok; (in the sense: ten-dollar bill) from the legs of a sawbuck forming the Roman numeral X]
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1. a sawhorse.
2. Slang. a ten-dollar bill.
[1860–65, Amer.; compare Dutch zaagbok; (definition 1) so called from the resemblance of the Roman numeral X to the crossbars of a sawhorse]
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Noun1.sawbuck - a framework for holding wood that is being sawedsawbuck - a framework for holding wood that is being sawed
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
trestle - sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop
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[ˈsɔːbʌk] N (US) → caballete m para serrar
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The Sawbuck Brush Pant is made with four-way stretch nylon for maneuverability.
I wish I had a double sawbuck for every time I've heard "ATM machine.")
In the context of working with firewood, pallet forks on your bucket make for a handy, motorized sawbuck.
I vividly recall an event where I was sawing wood at the age of 7 or 8, and a younger sister was sitting atop the wood placed on a sawbuck. The saw blade ran a little too close to one of my sister's knees.
Supporting characters are Lonnie's faithful dog and sidekick, Sawbuck, and the preacher's daughter, Nelda.
continues to expand wine production capacity and estate vineyards to support its growing Matchbook and Sawbuck estate wines, and to increase capacity for its Mossback, Chasing Venus brands and Arsonist brands.
Steven Axelrod's NANTUCKET SAWBUCK (9781464200878, $24.95) tells of a Nantucket homeowner killed in his mansion - making everyone on the island a suspect.
yoked Yahweh to the sawbuck, which the nickel would say was about time
We devised this sawbuck to cut our smaller firewood.
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In any event, I took up the check, pulled out a sawbuck, and called for the waitress, whom I knew well.