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1. A sawhorse, especially one having a crossed pair of legs at each end.
2. Slang A ten-dollar bill.

[Partial translation of Dutch zaagbok, sawbuck : zaag, saw + bok, goat. Sense 2, from the resemblance of the crossed pairs of legs to the Roman numeral X.]


1. US and Canadian a sawhorse, esp one having an X-shaped supporting structure
2. chiefly slang US and Canadian a ten-dollar bill
[C19: (in the sense: sawhorse) translated from Dutch zaagbok; (in the sense: ten-dollar bill) from the legs of a sawbuck forming the Roman numeral X]



1. a sawhorse.
2. Slang. a ten-dollar bill.
[1860–65, Amer.; compare Dutch zaagbok; (definition 1) so called from the resemblance of the Roman numeral X to the crossbars of a sawhorse]
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Noun1.sawbuck - a framework for holding wood that is being sawedsawbuck - a framework for holding wood that is being sawed
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
trestle - sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop


[ˈsɔːbʌk] N (US) → caballete m para serrar
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Sawbucks are similar to a carpenter's saw horse, except these saw horses have a "v" design to center logs.
Sawbucks are devices for holding logs or branches that are being cut into firewood.
my cigarette With your sawbucks, Big Daddy, then Warm yourself A little
It simply couldn't because we were still dealing with the same thing: currency-greenbacks, sawbucks and Benjamins.
The next day Shawn and I lashed panniers to sawbucks on a couple of mules and brought them into the site.
Sawbucks will become part of the Morning News' dallasnews.