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The small particles of wood or other material that fall from an object being sawed.

saw′dust′y adj.


particles of wood formed by sawing



fine particles of wood produced in sawing.
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Noun1.sawdust - fine particles of wood made by sawing woodsawdust - fine particles of wood made by sawing wood
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
نُشَارَةنُشارَة الخَشَب
mùn cưa


[ˈsɔːdʌst] Nserrín m, aserrín m


[ˈsɔːdʌst] nsciure fsawed-off shotgun n (US)carabine f à canon scié


[ˈsɔːˌdʌst] nsegatura


(soː) noun
a tool for cutting, having a toothed edge. He used a saw to cut through the branch.
verbpast tense sawed: past participles sawn, ~sawed
to cut with a saw. He sawed the log in two.
ˈsawdust noun
a dust of tiny fragments of wood, made by sawing.
ˈsawmill noun
a place in which wood is mechanically sawn.
a sawmill worker.


نُشَارَة piliny savsmuld Sägemehl πριονίδι aserrín, serrín sahanpuru sciure piljevina segatura おがくず 톱밥 zaagsel sagmugg trociny serradura, serragem опилки sågspån ขี้เลื่อย talaş mùn cưa 锯末
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Save that an unknown element giving a group of four lines in the blue of the spectrum is concerned, we are still entirely ignorant of the nature of this substance.
He watched her pretty and unconscious munching through the skeins of smoke that pervaded the tent, and Tess Durbeyfield did not divine, as she innocently looked down at the roses in her bosom, that there behind the blue narcotic haze was potentially the "tragic mischief" of her drama--one who stood fair to be the blood-red ray in the spectrum of her young life.
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It dealt with man and his soul-gropings in their ultimate terms, plumbing the abysses of space for the testimony of remotest suns and rainbow spectrums.
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