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saw 1

Any of various tools, either hand-operated or power-driven, having a thin metal blade or disk with a sharp, usually toothed edge, used for cutting wood, metal, or other hard materials.
v. sawed, sawed or sawn (sôn), saw·ing, saws
1. To cut or divide with a saw.
2. To produce or shape with a saw: sawed a hole in the board.
3. To make back-and-forth motions through or on: a speaker who saws the air with his arms.
1. To use a saw: sawing along the chalk line.
2. To undergo cutting with a saw: Pine wood saws easily.

[Middle English sawe, from Old English sagu, saw; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]

saw′er n.

saw 2

A familiar saying, especially one that has become trite through repetition. See Synonyms at saying.

[Middle English sawe, from Old English sagu, speech; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]

saw 3

Past tense of see1.
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having been cut with a saw
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As such, consistency in species, age, and element selection was considered of high importance in order to maintain consistency of osseous material being sawed. Bones were kept frozen after dismemberment until they were macerated to prevent potential microbial, fungal, and temperaturerelated taphonomic changes to kerf surfaces.
Tolerances are usually +0 and -1/16", and some are even -1/32", because many of Weldtube's welding shop customers, who require all types of thickness, length, and size specifications, typically mount sawed parts in various fixtures.
I was so impressed that after I'd finished trimming out the logs I took the crosscut saw out to the wood lot and sawed some firewood just for the fun of it.